Daily Archives: July 22, 2012

Singapore Garden Festival

The sister gave me two free tickets to the Singapore Garden Festival so we made a trip down last Sunday to take a look.

I realise I’m not overly fond of landscape gardens where nothing is out of place and it’s all manicured and perfect. I prefer natural vegetation or at least gardens that look a little wild and out of control. I do like bonsai though and would love to own a few except that I’m completely incapable of taking care of plants.

We bought some air plants, a plant for Adrian’s office, basil and rosemary, and a chilli padi plant for my mum. It was the last day of the festival so there were massive discounts on the plants.

Northern Light – pays homage to the Inuit culture

Best of Show – looks any other Balinese villa IMHO

is that Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden?

Continental Drift – arid on top, temperate below

bonsai banzai!

more bonsai


grow your own vegetables at home!

shopping for plants