McDonald’s at Ridout Tea Garden

Brought the kids to McDonald’s at Ridout Tea Garden the other day because Anya wanted to go a playground AND wanted to feed fish.

Since I was going to meet Vonnie there, I bundled Adam along as well because he doesn’t get to go out very often. It’s not much fun being a second kid.

chilling with Ronald

staring at his sister’s fries

The playground at McDonald’s is rather small and a bit grubby-looking but Anya was more than happy to tunnel around inside with Auntie Vonnie.

The playground is enclosed so it’s quite difficult to supervise kids once they are inside unless you climb in after them. And it’s not very well-ventilated inside the tubes so it can get hot!

keeping Vonnie busy

in the helicopter

looking at the solar system

While they were playing, I hung out with Adam and tried to teach him some tricks. He’s not as keen on performing tricks as his sister was at that age.

Then my aunt came and joined us and decided to bring Adam into the playground too. That made him quite happy.

trying to steal some iced tea

looking rather pleased

kiss from the sis

Anya running around with some boy

When Anya finally had enough of the playground, we went to feed the fish and turtles.

I’m not really sure if we’re actually supposed to feed the fish there but at least we brought proper fish food instead of trying to feed them fries!

The water in the pond is quite murky so it’s hard to make out what’s in the water. As far as we can see, there are lots of turtles and at least one big scary catfish.

strange-looking fish

where are the fish?

trying to find some fish

turtles sunning themselves

here fishy fishy…

McDonald’s at Ridout Tea Garden is open 24 hours and is one of the McDonald’s outlets where you can hold a birthday party. It’s quite a pleasant place to hang out with the little ones but it’d be SO much better if they cleaned up the place a bit.


2 thoughts on “McDonald’s at Ridout Tea Garden

  1. Regina

    Oooh!! I used to stay just down the road – near the Queensway / Farrer Road junction.

    Comfort food at odd hours. Must visit again soon, especially now that I think the boy will like it! Is the nursery (behind Mc D’s) still there?


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