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milk on the rocks NYC Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

The kids were involved in a photo shoot for milk on the rocks NYC clothing on Wednesday. milk on the rocks NYC serves up the ‘most eclectic mix of screen prints, appliqués and embroideries, taking its inspiration from glimpses of edgy adult fashion and delivering it in the most unexpected ways for effortlessly cool clothes for everyday life’.

milk on the rocks NYC will be launched in Singapore at the end of October in a multi-brand store at Forum. The Winter collection can be found at a pop up store at the basement of Forum shopping mall from 3-10 Sept.

We had quite an easy photo shoot with Lauryn. The kids were relatively cooperative and kept happy with toys and food. Also glad that I finally got to meet Beverly in the flesh after following her blog for so many years. Looking forward to seeing how the photos turn out!

Anya and Hunter before the shoot

entertaining the model

Anya’s turn to pose for the camera

posing with little Carter

fiddling with a picnic basket

having a picnic with her brother

the mothers and the photographer


Mural Wall Art Project

We took part in a mural painting project at my mum’s place last Sunday. I thought it was really meaningful that the residents could contribute by painting the murals. The organisers even let the little children paint and make a mess but made sure that the students were around to clean up any major damage to the murals.

I think Anya and Adam spend more time at Clementi than they do at home so I really wanted them to be a part of the mural project. I like that Anya will be able to look at the mural every day and point out the bits that she painted.

putting on her apron

all ready to paint

starting in the corner

painting some steps

my mum on the left; it’s a family effort!

moving to a higher portion

I touched up the bits Anya painted

Adam wanted to join in too

this guy is clearly an expert

Adam wailing while my grandma harasses the MP

Night Festival 2012 – SAM at 8Q, SAM and SOTA

After the National Museum, we walked over to SAM at 8Q to check out the installations there. Anya was quite interested in the virtual aquarium and amused by the giant eyeballs staring at us.

She also insisted on going in to visit the giant 5QU1D and to fold origami flowers for Grow the Garden in the Dark, both of which were part of Art Garden.

Fish Tank at No. 8

Night Watch

hello 5QU1D, we meet again

folding flowers with Debs

By the time we were done at SAM at 8Q, we were all really tired so we decided to make our way back to the car which was parked at Cathay. Along the way, we passed by the installations outside SAM and SOTA.

Fairytale characters are brought to life with bright lights in the Children’s Dreams installation outside SOTA. I thought it was pretty cute and Anya liked it too.

Mimoid II outside SAM

Children’s Dreams outside SOTA

story of the three little pigs

back at Cathay

This year’s Night Festival is definitely more interesting and varied than the one we attended 2 years ago. It continues this weekend, Friday 31 Aug and Saturday 1 Sep from 7pm to 2am. Armenian St will be closed from 8pm to 2am on both nights. Check out the Festival Guide for more details!

Night Festival 2012 – In and Around National Museum

Dragged Debs and Simon to Night Festival and we spent a few hours checking out the installations and performances. We went to Night Festival in 2010 but skipped last year’s because it was around the time Adam was born.

Scaling the Dome

from another angle

The first thing we did was to take a picture on the 3D artwork by street artist, Joe Hill. It’s supposed to look like Debs and Anya are standing on the dome of the National Museum.

It was quite an interesting and interactive piece but I feel that it shouldn’t have been positioned at The Rotunda of the museum because that’s the main entrance and it got quite jammed there.

Circus Swingapore

Circus Kids

on the trapeze

We made our way to The Platform to catch the performers from Circus Swingapore in action. Circus Swingapore is the only school of circus arts in Singapore and the students range from 7 to 50 years old.

Anya was quite fascinated by the performance and I’m thinking of letting her try acrobatics when she’s 4! I’m quite tempted to run away and join the circus myself.

One Fine Day

We The People

Teamy the Productivity Bee!

We caught a glimpse of One Fine Day, a shadow puppetry performance by Paper Monkey Theatre, before we made our way out of the museum. It looked really interesting but the screen was placed quite low and set up in a rather narrow area so there wasn’t enough space for us to stand and watch.

I liked We The People, a visual display by Brian Gothong Tan projected on the facade of the National Museum, but Anya was absolutely terrified of the lights and the loud music so we didn’t really linger there.

Old Chang Kee food truck

traditional food

There was an Old Chang Kee food truck and a row of stalls selling some traditional food at Stamford Garden outside the National Museum.

There was also a Nestlé 1930s street stall with free cups of Nescafe White Coffee and some traditional games like marbles and chapteh.

Under the Banyan Tree

open air cinema

Anya enjoying herself

We settled down on Stamford Green to watch a bit of Labu dan Labi (Labu and Labi), a film that was directed by P. Ramlee. The movie was very entertaining and I wouldn’t have minded watching the entire thing but we were quite hot and tired and wanted to check out some of the other installations.

HortPark Outing

Went to the HortPark on Monday to let the kids play while we caught up with each other. It was quite a hot day but we managed to find some shade where we could hide in and watch the kids run around.

I think it’s really important to bring kids out to a place with lots of space to encourage them to get active because they spend so much time with the TV/ iPhone/ iPad these days. Of course, it’s even better if the kids are spending time with my friends’ kids so I get to hang out with my friends as well!

hot day at HortPark

with Singa the courtesy lion

from one log to the next

on the ropes

mushroom family


see-saw up & down…

monkey see, monkey do

Ian climbing up

Sophia sliding down

making music with bamboo

one of all the kids

safety in numbers

feeding the fish

Gastronomia by Da Paolo

A lot of cafes in Singapore are closed on Mondays. I realised that when I was trying to decide on a place nearby for Anya and I to have breakfast. In the end, we went to Gastronomia by Da Paolo at Cluny Court because I wanted to pop by Elly to check out the latest collection.

The Egg Breakfast at Gastronomia is pretty good value for money! We had scrambled eggs with toast, smoked salmon and some greens for $9. The eggs can also be served fried or as an omelette. The other sides available, apart from smoked salmon, are mushroom & onion, Italian sausage & caramelised onion, sliced tomato & mozarella, and ham.

It’s a decent place for breakfast but not very comfortable because it’s a bit cramped. Most of the seats are outdoors, along the walkway, and the seats indoors are squished against the side of the escalator.

They have some interesting-looking desserts though and there’s a Teh Tarik cupcake for the National Day season that I’d like to try.

Gastronomia at Cluny Court

we bought some Mickey Mouse-shaped pasta

waiting for food

iced cappuccino

juice for Anya

scrambled eggs, toast and smoked salmon

she really likes smoked salmon