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Sweet Tales at the Science Centre

Anya took part in a fun little Sweet Tales Candy Pop-pets studio session in the Candy Unwrapped exhibition at the Science Centre on Sunday.

Sweet Tales is a series of arts workshops by Playeum inspired by children’s literature and sweets. The target audience is children aged 12 and under and there are different programmes for different age groups.

Sweet Tales

The friendly play crew introduced the kids to different types of yummy puppets. These puppets are all inspired by candy and other sweet things so there was a gingerbread man and an ice-cream cone too.

gingerbread man saying hello

captive audience

The kids were then free to make any kind of puppet they wanted from the materials available before putting up a little puppet show.

Anya initially wanted to make an ice-cream puppet but somewhere along the way, she decided to create a butterfly and a grasshopper instead.

lots to work with

more craft materials

kids at work

fixing antennae on her grasshopper

performing with her butterfly puppet

I love how the Candy Pop-pets studio session was very hands-on and child-centric. The kids were encouraged to be self-directed and to let their imagination run free while the play crew merely facilitated.

We have been attending events by Playeum since May 2010, even before Anya could walk! She’s always enjoyed these events so I’m very excited about the Sweet Tales drop-in studio sessions and workshops that Playeum is conducting at the Science Centre from August to October.

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