Stream of Praise in Singapore

It was a miserable, rainy evening and I was feeling under the weather but I dragged myself to the other end of the island for a time of praise and worship with Stream of Praise at Bethesda Cathedral.

Traffic on the PIE was terrible and it took me an hour (and $27) to get there. It was still drizzling when I arrived and there was a really long line of people making their way up to the sanctuary on the 3rd floor. I had to queue in the rain for a bit but thank God I had an umbrella.

It was completely worth it. I’m so glad I went.

There’s one more session of praise and worship at Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church tomorrow evening at 7.30pm before Stream of Praise moves on to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and back to USA.

Bethesda Cathedral

Stream of Praise

many people gathered to worship

2 thoughts on “Stream of Praise in Singapore

  1. zen city

    isn’t it funny how so often we have to drag ourselves to the very things that help us to feel our best. nice post – thanks for sharing your wonderful journey with the world!


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