Daily Archives: August 5, 2012

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

We had breakfast at Nassim Hill yesterday morning. The food is pretty decent, but like with all new restaurants, there were a few teething problems.

Nassim Hill

bright and airy

The good: The food was served very quickly. Their bread is delicious! I ate up every crumb in the bread basket. Anya ate a lot of scrambled eggs and waffles so I think she liked the food too. The place is bright and feels spacious.

The bad: The service was not great. It was hard to attract the attention of the staff to place our order, ask for the bill, etc. even though there were quite a few of them around. They also swiped Adrian’s credit card twice and gave him someone else’s credit card by mistake. Also, he asked for bacon with his waffles but was served ham instead.

The rest: My scrambled eggs came with Swiss cheese on the side. Would have preferred if the eggs had been cooked with the cheese. I like that the waffles are wholemeal although Adrian thought they were just alright.

yummy bread

scrambled eggs with Swiss cheese and salami

wholemeal Belgian waffle

iced coffee and iced lemon tea

he likes the bread too

happy as a clam

the siblings

The verdict: The bread makes it worth a visit. The servers are actually quite friendly and helpful so I think they just need some time to get things in order and to improve their service.

Nassim Hill is at Tanglin Post Office, #01-03. They are open from 8am to 12am (last orders at 10.30pm) and closed on Mondays.