Daily Archives: August 11, 2012

Istana Open House

We spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon at the Istana which was having an open house in celebration of National Day. It was Anya’s 4th time there and Adam’s 2nd but our very first visit with the grandparents.

We were actually there for the booths set up by the various museums but Anya was more interested in tree-climbing and didn’t want to spend time doing crafts.

love the trees in the Istana

The grandparents brought sandwiches and fruits and we had a nice picnic on the shady grounds. Adam decided that the real food was way more exciting than his milk.

Anya had fun playing at the play area set up for the kids and was also kept entertained by the books and toys that her grandparents and aunt had brought for her.

picnic under the tembusu

nibbling on sandwiches

eating a banana



sitting in a tree

It was a hot day so before long, the kids were worn out and sleepy and it was time to bring them home!

slightly melted child

sweaty boy

parting shot