Penang Kitchen at Coronation Arcade

We had lunch at Penang Kitchen on National Day. I’ve been wanting to drop by since Debs blogged about the place and it’s actually very near where I work.

I love Penang food and I was quite impressed by all the food we ordered. The choon piah was crispy and delicious and disappeared really quickly. The lor bak was quite yummy too.

Anya shared some char kway teow with Spink and looked pretty satisfied with her meal. My prawn noodles had a great soup base and I’m definitely ordering the seafood mee sua kor the next time I go because I love vinegar in my food.

We were too full for dessert so that’s something to look forward to for our next visit!

Penang Kitchen

lor bak

choon piah

char kway teow

seafood mee sua kor

prawn noodles

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