In Defence of the Bumbo

incorrect use of a Bumbo

More than 4 million Bumbo baby seats have been recalled after several reports of babies suffering skull fractures after wiggling out of the Bumbo.

As far as I know, the Bumbo baby seat is supposed to help seat babies who can’t sit up on their own and it does not claim to be a restraining seat of any sort. The Bumbo baby seat also comes with a warning label which states that the seat should not be placed on an elevated surface.

Our little lavender Bumbo has served us very well and both kids have used it happily. If the kid is in the Bumbo, then it is usually placed on the padded mat on the floor. And although we know we are not supposed to, sometimes we put the Bumbo on the sofa or on a low table but ALWAYS with an adult sitting directly beside or behind the kid.

Obviously, once the kid is able to sit up by himself or to wiggle out of the Bumbo baby seat, we switch to a baby high chair with a seat belt restraint. We don’t expect the Bumbo to be able to keep a mobile baby safe because it is not made for that purpose.

Anya eating carrots in a Bumbo

Anya playing peek-a-boo with Adam on the Bumbo

One of my friends shared an article on Facebook about the Bumbo being recalled but added that she thinks it’s fine to use it as long as the baby is not left alone and I completely agree with her. Someone commented on her post that it’s such a bother that babies have to be supervised all the time, which makes me wonder why some people become parents if they think that the basic act of parenting is too troublesome.

I’ve also heard that some people are planning to throw their Bumbo baby seat away. If the Bumbo baby seat is used the way it’s meant to be used, then everything will be fine and dandy. But if an adult can’t figure out how to use a simple moulded foam seat correctly and safely, then yes, she doesn’t deserve to own it and should just get rid of it.

It doesn’t matter how smart or how safe a product is if people cannot be bothered to use their common sense. Just remember: the Bumbo baby seat is supposed to seat a baby, not baby-sit.


10 thoughts on “In Defence of the Bumbo

  1. Mummy Ed

    I have a Bumbo too, but I did end up renting one from Rent That Toy! to put at my ILs place, and it was so old and used the middle part was all soft, and definitely not safe! So I think they have a shelf life too.

    1. delphine Post author

      I think the condition of some of the things from the rental places can be a bit dubious sometimes! Mine’s still in good condition after 3 years and more than 2 kids (passed around to my friends) but I suppose the rental one has seen better days!

  2. Simply Mommie

    I have a lavender Bumbo too! :) Still using it to feed my lil 10mth old but on the floor of course since he wiggles out pretty easily. Definitely silly to leave a child unattended, whether in a high chair or bumbo. I have escape artistes at home :)

  3. Pamela Tan

    Totally agree with you! The Bumbo ain’t meant to be a restraining seat, and the use of it should be supervised at all times. If it is used as it was meant to be, then there is no problem with it!

    1. delphine Post author

      It’s so horrible to read about the babies who fell and got injured because their parents decided it’s a good idea to put the Bumbo up on a kitchen counter or dining table and leave the child unattended!

    1. delphine Post author

      Haha, but it you’re not worried about looking silly, it is quite a convenient way of transporting a Bumbo when your hands are full! ;)

  4. Delphine

    Well said. I find it ridiculous that parents are complaining as though it is the Bumbo that is at fault when it’s more often than not the parents who fail to use the Bumbo properly.

    And really, highchairs, Bumbos, playpens etc. etc. – they are all intended to be used under supervision. They may help to occupy the child for that 5 minutes for the parents to go to the loo, but are not substitutes for actually supervising and looking out for the child.

    1. delphine Post author

      I got so irritated reading an article a woman wrote in response to the Bumbo recall saying something about how it’s so sad the Bumbo is unsafe because she’d thought it was pretty cool. She even hinted at how the whole problem of the Bumbo is related to how the South Africans (home of the Bumbo) were too relaxed about safety. Seriously?!?


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