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Adam’s First Birthday – The Celebration

We decided to keep things relatively simple for Adam’s first birthday and took the easy way out by booking the Playhouse at Temasek Club. The indoor playground was a hit with the kids and the party package also came with food and simple goody bags.

We borrowed and used the decorations from Isaac’s birthday party and I made a photo banner featuring each of the 12 months of Adam’s first year.

I wanted to get Adam a simple cake in the shape of figure one and after checking around, found out that Four Leaves offers the best deal. The cake was pretty yummy and more than enough for all the guests present.

Adam slept through the first half of his party but woke up in time to cut his cake. He was a bit bewildered by all the fuss but cheered up considerably after having some cake.

party room

photo banner


ice-cream too

the birthday boy slept through the first half of his party

family photo

the three of us blowing out his candles

with Ah Ma and Yee Po, his two favourite people

with Auntie Lena and cousins Marcus, Lucas & Michelle

with the other uncles/ aunties/ cousins!

and the gang

cutting the cake

having some cake


what is this wondrous taste?

don’t just sit there, give me more cake, woman!!