Daily Archives: August 23, 2012

Gastronomia by Da Paolo

A lot of cafes in Singapore are closed on Mondays. I realised that when I was trying to decide on a place nearby for Anya and I to have breakfast. In the end, we went to Gastronomia by Da Paolo at Cluny Court because I wanted to pop by Elly to check out the latest collection.

The Egg Breakfast at Gastronomia is pretty good value for money! We had scrambled eggs with toast, smoked salmon and some greens for $9. The eggs can also be served fried or as an omelette. The other sides available, apart from smoked salmon, are mushroom & onion, Italian sausage & caramelised onion, sliced tomato & mozarella, and ham.

It’s a decent place for breakfast but not very comfortable because it’s a bit cramped. Most of the seats are outdoors, along the walkway, and the seats indoors are squished against the side of the escalator.

They have some interesting-looking desserts though and there’s a Teh Tarik cupcake for the National Day season that I’d like to try.

Gastronomia at Cluny Court

we bought some Mickey Mouse-shaped pasta

waiting for food

iced cappuccino

juice for Anya

scrambled eggs, toast and smoked salmon

she really likes smoked salmon