Night Festival 2012 – SAM at 8Q, SAM and SOTA

After the National Museum, we walked over to SAM at 8Q to check out the installations there. Anya was quite interested in the virtual aquarium and amused by the giant eyeballs staring at us.

She also insisted on going in to visit the giant 5QU1D and to fold origami flowers for Grow the Garden in the Dark, both of which were part of Art Garden.

Fish Tank at No. 8

Night Watch

hello 5QU1D, we meet again

folding flowers with Debs

By the time we were done at SAM at 8Q, we were all really tired so we decided to make our way back to the car which was parked at Cathay. Along the way, we passed by the installations outside SAM and SOTA.

Fairytale characters are brought to life with bright lights in the Children’s Dreams installation outside SOTA. I thought it was pretty cute and Anya liked it too.

Mimoid II outside SAM

Children’s Dreams outside SOTA

story of the three little pigs

back at Cathay

This year’s Night Festival is definitely more interesting and varied than the one we attended 2 years ago. It continues this weekend, Friday 31 Aug and Saturday 1 Sep from 7pm to 2am. Armenian St will be closed from 8pm to 2am on both nights. Check out the Festival Guide for more details!

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