Mural Wall Art Project

We took part in a mural painting project at my mum’s place last Sunday. I thought it was really meaningful that the residents could contribute by painting the murals. The organisers even let the little children paint and make a mess but made sure that the students were around to clean up any major damage to the murals.

I think Anya and Adam spend more time at Clementi than they do at home so I really wanted them to be a part of the mural project. I like that Anya will be able to look at the mural every day and point out the bits that she painted.

putting on her apron

all ready to paint

starting in the corner

painting some steps

my mum on the left; it’s a family effort!

moving to a higher portion

I touched up the bits Anya painted

Adam wanted to join in too

this guy is clearly an expert

Adam wailing while my grandma harasses the MP

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