STP “Pass It On” Portrait Marathon

We had a really busy Saturday which began with an 8.45am photoshoot at Botanic Gardens because we were taking part in Steph Tan Photography’s “Pass It On” Portrait Marathon to raise funds in sponsoring disadvantaged children for a chance at a good life through education.

We were Steph’s very first 30-minute mini-session of the day and we had such a relaxing and fun time being photographed by her. Thank God we had clear weather and beautiful light that morning after several days of rain and haze. Can’t wait to see the photos and I’m sure they will be amazing!

Steph and Anya

Steph’s husband entertaining Adam


3 thoughts on “STP “Pass It On” Portrait Marathon

  1. steph

    Thanks for sharing this on your blog! Had fun with your family, especially Anya and Adam! :) Would it be alright if I added this link to my Photo Marathon post?

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