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Malay CultureFest at Malay Heritage Centre

We went to the newly reopened Malay Heritage Centre today with Selena and Ellery. The Malay CultureFest is taking place from 2-30 September so there is free admission to the museum and we also got a cute little sling bag.

Ellery and Anya had fun with the traditional Malay games in the courtyard. They spent some time trying to kick a capteh and a lot more time scooping marbles from the congkak. They also braved the hot sun to play guli in the sand. It took us a while before we managed to drag them into the centre to view the exhibits.

Malay Heritage Centre

balancing a capteh on her foot

Auntie Selena playing five stones

going crazy over marbles

she doesn’t seem to know how to play congkak

playing guli

Ellery being a kampong boy

There are six permanent galleries spread over two levels showcasing Kampong Gelam’s historical significance as well as the heritage of the Malay community in Singapore.

Anya wasn’t very interested at first because she wanted to go back outside to play but eventually found several things that captured her attention.

checking out a map of Kampong Gelam

looking at the exhibits

viewing scenes of old Singapore

can we go down now?

The final bit of our MHC excursion was spent at the K3 (Kraf Kanak-Kanak) corner at the other side of the courtyard. The kids got a mahkota each and Anya decorated hers with glitter. They both did some colouring before posing in front of a standee replica of MHC.

carefully applying glitter

Ellery in his mahkota and holding a kris


almost like the real thing!

There are activities for children at the MHC every day this week as part of the Malay CultureFest.  There is also outdoor movie screening this Friday and Saturday night.