Hi-5 Holiday

We went to watch Hi-5 Holiday at Marina Bay Sands on Thursday and had a fun time! Anya wanted to wear a dress but also wanted to wear one of her Hi-5 t-shirts so she ended up with the tee over her dress and Jup Jup in her arms.

Jup Jup ready to watch Hi-5

We got there about 5 minutes before the show started and we bought a $30 show pack which contained a towel, a castanet, bubble solution, a passport cover, a luggage tag and a magnet. I think it was pretty ok for that price. I didn’t want to spend $10 on a foam hand or on a foil balloon though.

the show pack

Hi-5 Holiday sees Tim, Stevie, Lauren, Casey and Dayen embarking on a trip to find Hi-5 island. Along the way, they stumble upon many other different islands and there’s lots of singing and dancing involved.  Our show pack came into use too! The kids pretended to be crabs by clacking with the castanet, bubbles were blown during an underwater scene and the towel was a dancing prop.

the classic “…and we’re Hi-5!” pose

being penguins

singing Party at the Zoo

bubbly underwater scene

blowing bubbles

wishing upon a star

finally on Hi-5 Island!

huge inflated plastic balls being passed around

Chats getting us to call for Hi-5 to come back on stage

It was a very enjoyable performance and the cast really gave it their all even though the theatre was about 40% empty. I think the tickets were way too expensive so we were missing the energetic and lively atmosphere that you get with a sold out show.

I guess I’ll keep bringing Anya to watch Hi-5 until she decides that she has outgrown them because I like watching Hi-5 too!

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