Daily Archives: September 11, 2012

STP “Pass It On” Portrait Marathon: Pictures

Steph contacted us a mere 2 days after our photo shoot and told us that the photos were ready for selection. We were delighted to see how well the photos turned out and also very impressed that she took all those wonderful photos in just half an hour.

We decided to order a batch of 10 digital files (with printing rights) but it was so difficult for us to choose that we ordered 12 in the end. We also received 10 free small shareable images. The final touched-up images were sent to us 3 days after we made our choice.

Our colour theme for that day (blue, white and a dash of red) stood out very nicely against the verdant backdrop. Anya wore her new Elly dress and Adam’s Ch√Ęteau de sable outfit was a recent birthday gift from Uncle Terence.

I’m using one of the images as a new header for the blog and here are a few of the other images:

Anya feeding Adam

Adrian running with Anya

swinging Adam around

two little monkeys in the tree