Daily Archives: September 16, 2012

STP “Pass It On” Portrait Marathon: More Pictures

Sharing a few more photos from our photo shoot. For some reason, the pictures look slightly green and washed out after being uploaded here, unlike the originals. The pictures look fine on Facebook though!

I really like this picture because Adam is quite a mummy’s boy and he loves clinging to me like a barnacle so he looks calm and happy in this shot.

He wasn’t so happy when we got him to sit on the tree with his sister. He started crying and making quite a fuss and demanded to be rescued.

Anya really likes picking up random branches and rocks and such from the ground so she held on to a stick for most of the photo shoot!

Another picture of Anya, this time being spun around by me. I love how happy and excited she looks here.

And a picture of Adam and his daddy. Adam has his default worried expression on his face because he’s wondering why I’m not the one carrying him.