Mid-Autumn Festival by the River

We went down to Singapore River last Sunday to look at lanterns and soak in the atmosphere. There were lanterns in the shape of the 12 Zodiac animals and floats depicting the various Chinese festivals.

We walked down by the river and across the bridge and back again. My folks continued on to Hong Lim Park where there were more performances and entries from a creative lantern-making competition.

ready with her Mr Bean lantern

lantern float of Lunar New Year

the first Zodiac animal: the Rat

Anya the Ox

Dumpling Festival

Qi Xi Festival or Chinese Valentine’s Day

three Goats

food stalls

old-fashioned Bird’s Nest drink

retro horse-racing game stall

Simon waiting to see how strong he is

Mid-Autumn lantern display across the bridge

Hungry Ghost Festival

Winter Solstice

why does that snake have hands??

strange-looking Dragon

the rabbits

Mid-Autumn Festival by the River is on until 30 September.

4 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Festival by the River

  1. Edwina Lin Lijiao

    If i would like to go down to mid autumn festival by river to take the photos, am i still able to do so. Pls reply to me asap. Thks!


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