Daily Archives: September 30, 2012

Do You See What I See?

We brought Adam to a paediatric opthamologist at Gleneagles last Tuesday because he tends to look a little bit squinty sometimes and we wanted to see if there was anything serious that we had to worry about.

Shortly after we got to the clinic at our appointed time, an optometrist carried out some tests on Adam. The colourful, noisy toys behind the glass display at one end of the room really got his attention and the tests were conducted quite smoothly.

She also asked some questions to see if there was any family history of vision problems. Well, all I can say is I have perfect eyesight so if there’s any problem, it comes from Adrian!

what do you see?

After a short wait, we saw the opthamologist in her consultation room and she conducted some similar tests on Adam as well. She then gave an initial diagnosis and explained to us what it meant but added that some further tests had to be carried out before she could confirm the results.

We went out to the waiting room and Adam was given eye drops in both eyes. This was repeated another two times over 15 mins then we had to wait half an hour for his pupils to dilate before seeing the doctor again. He was very cool about getting the eye drops and didn’t fuss. There were two older girls there and they were both screaming like banshees!

my good little boy

The opthamologist did a few more tests when we went in for the second time and confirmed that Adam has pseudostrabismus which basically means that his eyes look crossed  because of an extra skin fold in the inner corners of the eye but are actually straight. As he grows and his face changes and his nose bridge becomes less wide and flat, the eyes will straighten out too.

We were very happy with the diagnosis and relieved that he doesn’t have to wear glasses or an eye patch. The entire process took us less than 2 hours (and half an hour of that was waiting for the eye drops to take effect) which is pretty good considering our experience with other specialists. The cost of the consultation was also very reasonable and the peace of mind that we got was priceless.