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Review of BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier

The very first baby carrier we had was a BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Active and I loved that the material was comfortable and we could use it from the time Anya was a wee little thing. The only problem was that as she got heavier, there was too much pressure on my shoulders and back. So we moved on to other carriers that had adjustable waist belts allowing the baby’s weight to be transferred to the hip area.

We have been testing out the BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier, which is designed for parents who want to carry their children up until the age of 2. It has an adjustable waist belt that distributes and transfers most of your child’s weight to your hips.

with sleepy child facing (overenthusiastic) parent

Unlike other carriers with adjustable waist belts that fit around the hips, the child’s leg position can be varied from normal to wide with the BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier, so you can choose whether you want to carry your child facing you or facing forward.

The BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier is easy to put on and there’s no risk of the straps slipping off your shoulders while you’re trying to put your baby in. When I carried Adam facing me, he looked very comfortable and there was definitely more room for him to move his head as compared to the other carriers I have tried. He was certainly comfortable enough to fall asleep quite easily when in the carrier.

facing forward

In the forward-facing position, Adam was very happy and excited to be able to look around, which is usually not possible when using other carriers with adjustable waist belts that go around the hips. An added advantage of the forward-facing position is that it kept him safely in place when we didn’t have access to a baby chair. This proved to be very useful when we were in Malacca over the weekend.

safely seated

Daddy automatically becomes a backrest

Since I don’t use strollers, the most important factor for me when choosing a carrier is the comfort level for the parent. Adrian felt that the BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier was just acceptable in this aspect and he actually prefers another carrier that we have. But for me, the BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier lives up to its name because Adam’s weight was well-distributed and the padded straps and adjustable waist belt made it comfortable for me to carry a 13-month-old for long periods.

The BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier can be used for babies from 6 kg to 14 kg (around 3 months to 2 years) and the main fabric used is 100% organically grown cotton.

I received the BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier from Mothercare Singapore for review purposes. All opinions are my own.