Daily Archives: October 3, 2012

Weekend in Malacca

We went up to Malacca last weekend with some of my colleagues as part of a staff family trip. It was not easy getting the kids to my school by 6.45am, especially since we overslept, but we made it!

The first bit of the trip was spent clearing customs and dozing on the bus after a quick breakfast. Adam slept quite comfortably on the bus but Anya spent all her time playing with the iPad. Then we stopped at a place selling local products before having a Peranakan lunch.

lunch at Peranakan restaurant

After lunch, we took a stroll down Jonker Walk. It was a really HOT day! We also went to the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum. While we were there, I put Adam down on the floor for a few seconds because my arms were tired and Anya tripped over him and he knocked his head against the floor. SIGH.

fancy vintage car

calligraphy writer with no hands

Adrian says these are my slippers -_-


Geographer Cafe

that’s what I am!

We finally checked into the hotel at about 4.30pm and settled down for a long nap. In the evening, we walked down to Jonker Walk for some chicken rice balls and took a trishaw ride back up to our hotel.

small girl in big bed

Jonker at night

love this!

some street performance

trishaw ride

our fancy trishaw

We had a fun time at the pool the next day after breakfast. Then it was time to check out and make our way back to Singapore. It was a great family trip for us and I’m glad the kids had a good time.

in awe of the fountains

Anya and her beast of burden

using the kids to hide all my flabby bits