Daily Archives: October 4, 2012

Circus Swingapore Aerial Arts Trial Class

I decided to sign up for a circus aerial arts trial class after watching the performers from Circus Swingapore in action during Night Festival. Managed to persuade Selena and Sharon to sign up with me and we went for the trial class on Monday.

We were really excited but also rather nervous because we didn’t know what to expect from the class. There were 10 of us in the class (all ladies except for one man) and 2 instructors. We started with some warm-up exercises and stretching. Having been inactive for so long, even doing the warm-up made me feel a little strange!

The first thing we learnt was how to get our legs up unto a trapeze. Then we learnt how to get up to sitting position and also did a ‘Man in the Moon’ pose. The instructor looked so graceful and relaxed when she was demonstrating the pose to us but I felt quite ungainly. It was really fun, and with the helpful guidance given, not as difficult as we expected!

my butt’s too heavy!

legs up on trapeze

Sharon sitting pretty

are my arms in the right place??

trying to relax

After the trapeze, we learnt how to get up onto the silks and even learnt two poses. Selena is so disgustingly flexible that she executed all the poses really well. We had so much fun that the one hour zoomed by!

wrapping the cloth around my foot


managed not to disgrace myself

my attempt at a back split

Selena doing an infinitely better job

The instructor then showed us all the poses we would learn in the Circus Arts Intro class if we decide to sign up. We are really keen to sign up but still trying to sort out our schedules. We had a lot of fun in the trial class and we also left with a great sense of achievement because we managed to learn so much in just one hour!

will I really be able to do that??

we want to run away and join the circus!