Daily Archives: October 5, 2012

Anya’s School Performance

The Nursery and Pre-Nursery children in Anya’s school had music presentations as part of their Children’s Day celebrations yesterday. I managed to shift some lessons around to clear my timetable and took leave to watch her in action.

The school had a great system of ensuring that everything went well and everyone was happy. They settled the kids in the hall first before letting the parents in. I think the parents were more excited than the kids! Then, they got the parents to take turns to come forward according to the order of presentations so that no one would be blocked when trying to take photos/ videos of his/ her child.

Principal addressing the parents and kids

parent paparazzi

Anya’s class getting ready

Anya’s class performed a song about a scarf accompanied by some simple actions. They were good and looked like they were having fun too. Anya did really well! I think the teachers must have spent a lot of time and energy teaching them the song and getting them to perfect it. Their effort is greatly appreciated!

We went out for ice-cream afterwards to celebrate and Anya very specifically asked for chocolate ice-cream with rainbow sprinkles. She definitely deserved the treat. :)


nom nom nom…