Daily Archives: October 6, 2012

Zespri Rocks!

I took part in the Zespri kiwifruit collectibles giveaways over at Sakura Haruka and The J Babies and was really lucky (and very happy) to be a winner in both.

super cute and useful kiwi fruit goodies

I met up with Ai to get the kiwifruit gifts from her but my package from Klessis was damaged and delayed in the mail and the spife (spoon + knife) went missing. I know I can still eat the kiwifruits without a spife but it’s just somewhat tragic to have a kiwifruit holder with a spife compartment but no spife to put in it.

I emailed Zespri, explained my plight and asked if they would consider sending me another spife to replace the one Singpost lost. I also told them that I’ve been eating 10 kiwifruits a week and that some of my colleagues have started buying kiwifruits too. Zespri was really nice and sent me not 1 but 12 spifes and said to share them with my colleagues!

spoon + knife = spife!

I think it was really cool of them to respond to my email so quickly and to send me the spifes. Thanks, Zespri. You’re as sweet as the Zespri Gold Kiwifruits that I love to eat!