Daily Archives: October 7, 2012

Kitchenette at Goldhill Plaza

Von and I had lunch at Kitchenette the other day. It’s a French bistro at Goldhill Plaza near United Square and is also a bakery and wine retail store.


lots of wine on one side of the room

freshly baked bread

The $28 set lunch is pretty good value for money but we decided to have breakfast for lunch that day. I had poached eggs with blood sausage and it came with a nice side of potatoes and mushrooms. Von’s salmon croissant had a good amount of truffle oil in it and smelled amazing.


Poached Eggs Boudin Noir

generous portion of salad with the Norwegian Salmon Croissant

chocolate tart

taking photos of the tart

The service and food was good and the prices are very reasonable. I would love to go back again and try the other items on the menu. A much better option than any of the boring chain restaurants in United Square for sure!