Daily Archives: October 8, 2012

Disney Animated Family Classics at GV Cinemas

GV is screening Disney animated classics such as Dumbo and Bambi every weekend until 11 November at five of their cinemas. Each ticket is only $6! We bought tickets to watch Dumbo last Sunday and will be watching Bambi next weekend.

Was talking to Anya about the movie the night before and told her it’s about a flying elephant and she said, “Elephants can’t fly! They have no wings!” She concluded that the elephant must have wings made of cardboard or something. I think she enjoyed the show and because it’s just over an hour long, she didn’t get bored or restless.

Adam was extremely fidgety though! It was his first ever movie and he had fun bopping up and down during the music bits but tried to crawl all over when there was no music to hold his attention. Good thing the theatre was filled with other little kids so his fidgeting didn’t attract any glares!

his first movie!

when did she get so tall??