&Made by Bruno Menard

We grabbed a quick dinner at &Made at Pacific Plaza the other night before our movie at Lido. Adrian had The 3 Little Pigs (bacon, pork filet and chorizo patty) which he really liked and I had a Farmer Toastoo (cooked ham, caramelised onions and Raclette cheese). I liked the texture of the buckwheat crepe and the filling of the Toastoo was not bad.

We were originally seated at a table under a bunch of light bulbs and it was quite unpleasantly warm. I guess the light bulbs look good but the lighting is definitely a case of form over function. The service was very decent and the food came quickly, which is a plus when you have a movie to catch. However, my Coke was quite flat. Since we were seated near the kitchen, we could see that the Coke came from a plastic bottle. I think at $5 a glass, they should be giving a can of Coke with ice instead.

It’s quite expensive but a convenient place for a quick pre-movie meal. The burgers are better value for money than the toastoos and the soft drinks should be avoided.

entrance from the Lido side


the seats with too many light bulbs over Adrian’s shoulder


The 3 Little Pigs ($23)

Farmer Toastoo ($15)

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