Daily Archives: October 10, 2012

Storytelling Session by Pornsak at Fun.Learn.Share 芳樂學

There was a Children’s Day event at the old Bukit Timah fire station on Sunday with lots of fun activities. I wasn’t planning to bring Anya initially but then I read a tweet from Pornsak saying that he was going to be there for storytelling sessions at Fun.Learn.Share 芳樂學 so I dragged the kiddo and my MIL down after lunch.


Fun.Learn.Share 芳樂學 is a Chinese enrichment centre jointly set up by Pornsak and Lin Cuifang and it caters to children from 4 to 6 years old. I think they also have gym lessons for kids.

Anyway, I wanted to see Pornsak in the flesh because he’s my favourite local TV personality and I love watching Food Source 食在好源头. We were the first to get to the 2pm storytelling session so I managed to take a couple of photos with him while waiting for the rest of the kids to appear.

with Pornsak!

The parents waited outside while Pornsak told the kids a story 老鼠弟弟的背心 about a mouse whose vest got bigger after being tried on by his other animal friends. That’s according to Anya anyway. I’m really not sure how much Chinese she understands sometimes! The kids looked pretty engrossed during the storytelling session though.

story time

Anya said she liked the story and could tell me bits of it so Pornsak did a pretty good job! After the story, she had fun playing with the bubbles outside. She also gave a random wandering lion a high-five and got a balloon from him.

a flying high-five