Daily Archives: October 13, 2012

Bar Bar Black Sheep at Cluny Court

Bar Bar Black Sheep has a new outlet at Cluny Court and it’s a lot more spacious than the one at Cherry Ave. The entrance is located at the side of Cluny Court where the tyre shop is. I think we’re going to be sticking to this outlet from now on because it’s definitely more child-friendly down the other one further down the road.

Went there with Colin on Monday but was not hungry enough for one of their delicious burgers. Coincidentally, Colin was the one who told me about how good the burgers at Bar Bar Black Sheep are. Was hoping to have some tom yam but the Thai bit of the kitchen wasn’t open yet so I had some of their yummy butter chicken and garlic naan instead while Colin had a salad.

round the corner

bar bar counter



garlic naan and butter chicken

camera’s more interested in the salad than his face