Daily Archives: October 20, 2012

New Addition to the Family

meet Anya’s baby

Anya’s been wanting a baby doll for the longest time and she wanted the same one that Cousin Heather has. We didn’t want to buy it for her initially because she has lots of toys and she loses interest in a toy quite easily. But we finally relented because she started treating one of her milk bottles like a baby, putting it into an empty egg carton and covering it with a little blanket.

So now she has Baby Shan who comes with a travel seat and a bag containing a pacifier, milk bottle, baby food, baby cutlery and a bib. I’m not sure if Shan is a boy or a girl but I’m glad it doesn’t make any noise. Anya’s been pretty fond of Shan so far and has been taking care of her little baby quite well, even carrying it around in a sling.