Daily Archives: October 22, 2012

Kindermusik With Love Studios Trial

Kindermusik trial class

When we attended the Children’s Day event at the old Bukit Timah Fire Station, I found out that there’s a Kindermusik With Love music studio there. Angie and I brought Isaac and Adam for a trial class last Saturday.

The class started with the children playing with some balls while waiting for everyone to turn up. Then there were songs to say hello to everyone and to introduce the children one at a time. The kids got to play with drums and other instruments and there was also a lot of dancing and moving around. A colourful parachute was brought out for the kids to shake along to¬†Skinnamarink-a-dinky-dink.¬†Skinnamarink-a-doo I love you. The session ended with some bubble fun which was the boys’ favourite bit of the class!

The boys generally enjoyed themselves although I felt that Adam was not as into it as he was when we attended a Musical Monkeys session. We are not planning to sign up for anything yet because we will be travelling in November and December and would miss quite a few slots. I think I also want to bring Adam for other music and movement trial classes such as at The Little Gym (which Anya used to attend) or something similar before we decide.