Birthday Party at My Gym

Anya attended her classmate’s birthday party at My Gym, Rochester Mall on Saturday and had lots of fun. There was plenty of room for the kids to run around and play. There were also some organised games conducted by the party host that got the kids really excited and happy.

Happy birthday!

climbing around

bouncing on the trampoline

After some free play, the kids sat down in a circle. Each kid was supposed to run around the outside of the circle and then sit back down in his original position before introducing himself. There was only one kid who flatly refused to run around: Anya. She was quite happy to participate in the other games though.

kids introducing themselves

they had to dance and freeze in a bottoms-up position


parachute time

making ‘popcorn’

collapsed children

game involving knocking down and picking up cones

throwing balls across a barrier

The last thing they got the kids to do before the refreshments was a turn on the flying fox. Each kid went up to a rather high flying fox handle and zoomed to the other end of the room. A great confidence-booster and a nice way to end the fun and games on a high.

The birthday boy had a Thomas and Friends orange zest chocolate cake from Pine Garden and it was absolutely delicious! It was a really fun party and Anya enjoyed herself very much.

VIP: the birthday boy

the happy kids

really yummy cake from Pine Garden


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