Old School Delights

Met up with the Lobos for lunch on Friday and we went to Old School Delights. It’s a nice little place offering unpretentious comfort food and we had a great time eating till we were bursting.

old school reads (hello, Enid Blyton!), snacks and games

biscuits from my childhood

I’m definitely old school

There are many things I like about Old School Delights. They take reservations, which is very important when you have restless young children who can’t wait 15 minutes for a table. The table was ready when we got there and also set up according to our requests (with three high chairs).

The servers are friendly and attentive and they obviously know the menu so well that they can recommend items they personally like. This is so refreshing after you have visited one too many restaurants where the servers don’t even seem to have any idea what they are serving.

Kueh Pie Tee; we had two servings!

super yummy Tuckshop Winglets

Chicken Macaroni shared by the 3 kids

my Laksa D’Lite

Home-Style Curry Chicken

Nasi Lemak Besar

Fish & Chips

Lemony Cake

Sticky Chewy Chocolate Fudge; this is soooo good

the desserts went very well with a Teh O

The food was really good and we couldn’t stop eating the kueh pie tee and tuckshop winglets. I don’t even like chicken all that much but I gobbled up my winglet along with the rest. The desserts that we had were very yummy too. I’m actually craving for a slice of Sticky Chewy Chocolate Fudge as I write this.

Old School Delights is also very kid-friendly. There’s a toy box on every table with old school games like a Happy Family card game, a magnetic board game, five stones, etc. Anya was quite happy to sit there and play Snakes & Ladders with her daddy after she was done with her food.

playing snakes and ladders

the boys

good thing we had reservations

on an old school kiddy ride; only 20 cents!

Old School Delights is at 215M Upp Thomson Rd and they are open from 11.30am to 10.30pm from Tuesday to Friday and from 11am to 10.30pm on weekends. We’ll be back!

6 thoughts on “Old School Delights

  1. Cindy Tan

    i am there for tea most sat cos my eldest attends a class along the shop houses. a year back, i could just stroll in and get a seat. now, i will need to wait a little even during off-peak time. but the wait is worth it cos their food is consistently good. the young lady boss once told me that most ingredients in her kitchen like the sambal for nasi lemak and laska paste are all made from scratch. my favorites are the tuckshop wings and butter cake!


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