Nam Nam Noodle Bar at Raffles City

I’m a big pho fan but haven’t really managed to have very good pho in Singapore. The best pho I’ve ever had was in Melbourne! I usually go to Pho Hoa at Holland Village whenever I need a pho fix because it’s the most accessible location for me. But Von and I were at Raffles City the other day and we saw Nam Nam Noodle Bar so we decided to give it a try.

The decor is quite appealing and I like the different Vietnamese sauces they have on each table and the old school Double Happiness metal cups. The lunch set is really good value for money at $9.90 for spring rolls, pho and coffee/ tea. But we were there after 3pm so we missed out on that.

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

cute trolley thingy

bar counters for the office folk to eat and run

hoisin sauce, chili sauce, Maggi sauce, fish sauce

The spring rolls were a bit of a disappointment because the rice paper wrap for the spring rolls was hard to bite into! I’ve never had such tough spring rolls before, even when we made them at home on our own. Maybe Nam Nam gave us the leftovers from the lunch set instead of making fresh ones for us. The dipping sauce was nice though.

Fortunately, the noodles were much better. The broth for my beef steak pho was quite yummy and the slices of beef were tender. I really like the texture of the noodles! The pho didn’t come with any bean sprouts though so I was missing the crunch. Von’s mousetail noodle soup (pork belly bee tai mak) had a delicious broth but the pork was a little bit tough.

spring rolls ($4.90)

mousetail noodle soup ($9.90)

beef steak pho ($8.90)

I wouldn’t mind going back again for the pho, especially since I get quite a craving on cold, rainy days and it seems that these days every other day is a cold and rainy one! But I’ll probably not order the spring rolls again unless I’m getting them as part of the lunch set.

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