Daily Archives: November 3, 2012

Anya’s Art in Class

Anya’s been learning about different types of transportation in school and we went on an excursion to Changi Airport last Thursday.┬áBefore we set off for the excursion, I checked out some of her artwork in class. Was quite happy to see that she had coloured a car in red, just like her daddy’s car.

Was also very amused by a picture she had drawn of the family. In the picture, her daddy’s head is so much bigger than everyone else’s! It reminded me of a conversation we had recently about her daddy’s head when I was checking in on her at bedtime:

Anya: I asked for Daddy! Are you Daddy or Mummy?
Me: I’m Daddy.
Anya: You’re not Daddy. Your head is not like Daddy’s head. Daddy’s head is round like a circle. Daddy’s head is like a balloon!


our car

monkey in a boat

Anya’s piece in top left corner

check out daddy’s balloon head