Daily Archives: November 14, 2012

Last Day of School for the Year

It was Anya’s last day of school for the year today and it’s quite amazing to look at the before and after pictures and see how much she has grown in 10 months! She’s quite a bit taller and she’s lost her baby chubbiness so┬áher face is sharper.

Anya on 9 Jan 2012

Anya 10 months later

Last week she came home with her art work for the term and I’m using Artkive to keep a record of what she’s done. It’s quite a useful app. She also brought back a class book which has lots of photographs of the activities they have done this year. I love the book and I’m so thankful for the effort put in by the teachers to take photos of everything.

We got her progress report as well and the comments are not bad even though I can’t help reading between the lines. It’s an occupational hazard. Anyway, I think I forgot to talk about the semester one remarks so here they are as well:

Semester 1: Anya is an expressive and bubbly child. She enjoys sharing about her personal experiences with teachers. She is very independent and loves to help her friends with routine matters like pushing in chairs and putting away the cups after drinking. Anya is also a polite child and will thank teachers and friends each time things are given to her. She is an active child and loves outdoor activities like water play and outdoor play.

Semester 2: Anya is a keen learner. She asks well-thought questions during story time and is very enthusiastic to answer questions. Anya listens to instructions carefully and follows them through accurately and promptly. She is a bright child and has a wide knowledge of the things around her. She is able to guess the name of animals, like squirrels and owls, solely based on verbal descriptions and behaviours.

class book and progress report

The official school portrait and class photo were taken sometime in August. She is smiling awkwardly in her school portrait and looks a bit worried but she’s got a big happy smile on her face for the class photo.

nervous smile in school portrait

with her classmates

I can’t believe that her first school year has come to an end. Her class will be split into two and joined with other classes so she’ll still have some of her current classmates with her next year. It’s been an amazing first year of school for her and it’s all thanks to her wonderful teachers in SJCK. Looking forward to next year!