Daily Archives: November 16, 2012

Threadless ‘Go Ahead. MAKE Our Day.’ Event

I’m a HUGE Threadless fans and I’ve lost count of the number of Threadless tees I have in my closet. So I was really excited to hear about their ‘Go Ahead. MAKE Our Day’ event in Singapore and promptly signed us up for it.

We popped by the Threadless event at the White House on Emily Hill last Saturday. The queue to get the free Threadless tee custom printed was super long so we left shortly after collecting our free tees because we were in a big rush to go somewhere else.

It looked like a pretty fun event but it wasn’t kid-friendly at all with people smoking and drinking. If they ever have another event in Singapore, I’ll be sure to drop by sans kids and get a nice custom tee printed. And if they ever have a Threadless Kids and Babies event, it’d be a dream come true!

Threadless MAKE Our Day

White House on Emily Hill

Anya in front of the graffiti board 

free tee!