Daily Archives: November 21, 2012

Blackbird Cafe & The Istana

We went to the Istana on Deepavali with the Lobos and had brunch at Blackbird Cafe. The guys weren’t very impressed with their breakfast items but polished off the desserts happily. My risotto was really yummy and flavourful and I liked it very much.

While on our way to the Istana after brunch, Angie bought the kids cute little Singapore umbrellas from some random vendor on the street. We hung out at the Istana for a bit but left when the skies turned gloomy. Managed to get to Plaza Singapura just as the first drops of rain fell. It was a pretty good day for us!


Adrian’s breakfast 

Eggs Ben

mushroom risotto

seafood pasta


checking out the slides

the boys and the little umbrellas

Anya’s off playing somewhere

usual shot with the guard

collapsed Isaac