Pamela’s Wedding

We attended my ex-student’s wedding on Saturday. Pam’s from my very first batch of students and was in my form class. It’s a strange feeling attending the wedding of someone you have taught! It made me feel very old although the age gap between us is not that big. I sometimes feel like a mother to her and I have to confess I was fighting back tears of joy when they were saying their vows.

We were stuck in traffic on our way to the church and I was quite frantic and worried that we would miss the wedding entirely! Thank God we managed to get there just as Pamela was walking down the aisle, even though we had to watch the processional from the entrance and then slip into the church to take our seats.

Congratulations to Pam and Jeff and I hope you have a marriage filled with love and laughter!

going to the chapel…

so happy for her!

Anya spent most of her time playing with the hymnal

Adam was too noisy and was confined to the back

if you insist!

with my other ex-students

2 thoughts on “Pamela’s Wedding

  1. mummybean

    Delphine!!! Pamela is your student?? She attends my church! My pastor conducted the ceremony. I was supposed to be at the wedding but couldn’t make it at the last min.


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