Anniversary Dinner at Kesuma

Our 7th wedding anniversary is definitely our most memorable so far. We rode to Borobudur on our rented motorbike and it took us one and a half hours each way. On the way back, I carried a keropok tin with me. I’m probably the only person in the world to request for, and receive, a keropok tin for an anniversary gift!

two nuts, a keropok tin & a motorbike

After our morning at the amazing Borobudur, we had a wonderful massage at the hotel spa and then dinner at Kesuma. Kesuma is a family restaurant serving traditional Javanese cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients.

Our dinner was superb. I loved my sup udung, an Indonesian-style tom yum soup, and I drank it to the last drop. Adrian’s lumpia isi ayam (chicken spring roll) sounded ordinary but was tasty. Our main courses were very flavourful. Adrian had the ayam kesuma (chicken roasted with ginger, chili, cashew nuts and pineapple) and I had the kakap bumbu bali (snapper fillet roasted in a spicy sauce with Balinese bumbu genap besar spices). They were both delicious.


beautiful little place



sup udang

lumpia isi ayam

kakap bumbu bali

ayam kesuma

sunburnt Adrian


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