Candi Sewu, Central Java

After Prambanan, we hopped on a tandem bike and went around the compound to look at the other temples. Most of the temples were not in very good condition. We stopped at Sewu but couldn’t go in because the temple was severely damaged during the 2006 earthquake and is structurally unsound.

Sewu is an 8th-century Buddhist temple and the second largest Buddhist temple in Central Java after Borobudur. It is quite hard to tell just how big Sewu is supposed to be because most of it is debris on the ground. I wonder if they will ever be able to restore this place to even a fraction of its former glory.

ruins of Candi Sewu

quite a mess!

one of the guardian statues

the other guardian statue

our bike fell down; it was two-tyred

bicycle built for two

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