Family Night Out Mega Dance

We went to the Family Night Out Mega Dance organised by U Family. The dance event was held on Saturday at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel. As we were making our way to The Coliseum from the hotel lobby, Adam started clapping and bouncing excitedly up and down on his daddy’s shoulders to the strains of Jennifer Lopez’s Dance Again.

He danced for a bit when we got there and was very happy to see bubbles appearing from above the speakers and tried to catch them. Anya was just content to have light sticks to play with and there were five in our goody bag for her to connect, disconnect and reconnect endlessly.

We couldn’t stay very long because it was close to the kids’ bedtime and we hadn’t had dinner so we left just as things were warming up and the crowd was in the process of learning dance steps!

Deets grooving to the music


Gangnam Style

dancing on daddy’s shoulders

the crowd learning some dance steps

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