Early Birthday Celebration for Aidan

We are usually overseas during Aidan’s birthday but he had a little early birthday gathering with his cousins last Friday at My Gym, Rochester. They were there for the 3-hour Kids’ Night Out event. We watched them playing for a while and when they were settled down and happy, we entrusted them to the coaches there and went for dinner and dessert.

I think they had a lot of fun within those 3 hours. They played freely, watched a puppet show, participated in an interactive storytelling session, ate pizza, etc. We had a good dinner too and came back with a cake so we could celebrate Aidan’s birthday.

running down the slide


up and down the mattress


Having a ball of a time

trampoline fun

over and under

rolling around

I think she had fun…

puppet show (we snuck off at this point)

us during dessert time

us during dessert time

still having fun 3 hours later

Ellery’s face here cracks me up!

family photo with all the kids

Aidan desperately trying to cut the cake while his cousins dig in

Happy birthday in advance!

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