Daily Archives: December 13, 2012

Tung Lok Xi He Peking Duck + Latte e Miele at The Grandstand

We went to Tung Lok Xi He Peking Duck at The Grandstand for dinner on Saturday evening. We hadn’t been to Turf City for ages and it’s been completely transformed and renamed The Grandstand.

We placed our orders using the iPad provided but our food kept getting sent to another table beside ours, which was a wee bit annoying. The Peking duck’s pretty good but a little bit dry. There were some Pop Rocks among the usual condiments and garnishes provided and it was fun trying to eat the duck with that.

iPad menu

“I’m ready to eat!”

“Fine, I’ll eat some imaginary food first!”

the anticipation…


nomming a pancake

spinach tofu

After our dinner, we went to Latte e Miele for some gelato. They have all sorts of Christmas-theme flavours at the moment and I ordered the Gingerbread Man which was full of cinnamony goodness! There’s a little playground at the gelato place and the kids were quite happy to run around inside.

“I want gelato!!”

Gingerbread Man

little playground at the gelato place

Adam runs off with one bouncy ball

chilling on the remaining ball

can you spot Anya’s legs?