Goodbye 2012!

2012 was a pretty good year! I usually do a recap by answering a bunch of questions on a New Year’s Eve meme but this time I’m gonna try to sum it up in a few paragraphs.

There was quite a baby boom this year. Celia gave birth to Lincoln (he’s technically my cousin even though I’m a million years older than he is), Qi to Joel, Lena to Michelle, Yun to Reuben and Xin to Aaron. Also expecting lots of babies in 2013! As we get older, we are attending fewer weddings. This year, my ex-student Pam got married!

Anya started school in 2012 and she really grew up a lot. She’s a lot taller and much more sociable. She started swimming lessons with the cousins under Uncle Eugene, music classes at Our Music Studio and Chinese classes at Berries. She’s a wonderful older sis and she says the funniest things.

Adam grew and changed so much in 2012. At the start of the year, he was just a 5-month-old baby. Now he’s walking, climbing, and chasing his sister around and he’s learning to talk and saying all sorts of things. He’s a really cheeky toddler and still very attached to his mummy.

I started the year on maternity leave and only went back to work in March when Adam was 7 months old. It was fun being a temporary SAHM for those few months and I enjoyed the opportunity of being a parent volunteer at Anya’s school. I really missed being able to spend so much time with the kids after I went back to work but things were really good at work so it wasn’t too bad.

We travelled quite a bit in 2012. We went to Bali in January with Adrian’s colleagues and in February I went to New York with Debs. Then it was Penang in March with my friends (and without Adam). Adrian and I went to Lombok in June without the kids. We had a family holiday in Malacca with my colleagues in October. Adrian and I went to Yogyakarta in November and finally we had a 9-day Malaysia road trip with the Lobos in December. On his own, Adrian went to Bangkok and went skiing in Australia.

2012 was a good year for the blog and I’m very thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that came our way because of this blog. I got to meet many new people, mostly other blogger mums, and I’m happy to know that there are quite a few people who like to read about our little family and the things we get up to.

God was really good to us in 2012 and I know He is good all the time and will continue to bless us in 2013!

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