Anya’s First Day of Nursery

For the past couple of weeks, whenever we talked about school, Anya would get a bit anxious and say that she didn’t want to go back to school. Yesterday was her very first day in nursery and she did just fine and was very reluctant to leave at the end.

I wanted very much to accompany Anya but I had stuff to do at work so Adrian went for the 1-hour orientation with her. Her favourite friend from her pre-nursery class last year is in the same class with her this year so I guess that helped. Will be going for the second day of orientation with her on Monday!

big grin before class

big grin before class

she's outgrowing that shirt

she’s outgrowing that shirt!

having fun in class

having fun in class

2 thoughts on “Anya’s First Day of Nursery

  1. Deborah Tan

    I think that’s very typical post-holiday jitters… Remember how we would dread the first day of school come the end of every break, and then get with the programme as soon as school started??


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