Daily Archives: January 14, 2013

Holster at Not Too Big

I’m into matching the kids’ outfits with each other or with mine so I’m totally loving Holster that’s now retailing at Not Too Big at Forum the Shopping Mall. Holster is Australia’s leading jellies footwear brand and they have great designs for both women and little girls.

The shoes are so comfy and really affordable, with the women’s range from $49.90-$139.90 and the kids’ range from $39.90-$49.90. They are also having some great deals at the moment so it’s really worth buying more than one pair. Holster can currently also be found at the pop-up at Great World City until 20 Jan.

toe to toe

my St Tropez in Marina on the left

side by side

Anya’s Bow Ballet on the right

Anya chose the Bow Ballet in Marina so I got the St Tropez in the same colour to match her. I’m so glad for their wide range of sizes: Anya has tiny feet and is the smallest size while I fit into the largest (*ahem*). I’m really tempted to get more pairs of Holster sandals in different colours because they are so versatile. Can’t wait till Anya’s feet get a bit bigger so we can have sandals in the same style!