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wheniwasfour 小时候

I love chwee kueh and can devour eight pieces at a go. I’ve been eating it since I could eat! When I was a little kid, I used to wonder why the Chinese characters for chwee kueh were pronounced as shui guo. Isn’t shui guo fruit?? But I guess it’s just one of those dialect things that get lost in translation.

Anyway, when I saw the chwee kueh canvas tote bag on wheniwasfour, I just HAD to have it. I love the mouthwatering picture of the steaming pieces of chwee kueh on waxed brown paper and I simply adore the Chinese characters in the style of a primary school writing exercise. So many good memories encapsulated in a bag!

chwee kueh bag

chwee kueh bag

I love my bag but it makes me crave for chwee kueh all the time. I also get random people asking me which chwee kueh stall is giving away bags. There are many other charming designs of various local delights and familiar items. They are available as postcards and notebooks as well.

postcards featuring other familiar items and local delights


Another thing they have in the online store are giant plushie versions of ‘five stones’, one of my favourite childhood games. I think the five stone plushies are so cute and I would go crazy (in a good way) if I had five of them to throw around and play a game of giant five stones with. It would be pretty impossible to catch all five in one hand, I’m sure!

a giant five stone!

a giant five stone!

I believe in supporting local enterprises and I am definitely a fan of the cleverly designed products on wheniwasfour! The items are available online and at some stockists.

Now I need to get me some chwee kueh for supper…

N.B. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, chwee kueh is steamed rice cake served with bits of preserved radish and chili.

P.S. wheniwasfour will be at the Public Garden Flea at the National Museum of Singapore this weekend!