It’s been raining like crazy the past few weeks and the cool weather has been making me crave all things hot and soupy. I was in Holland V one wet Thursday afternoon while Anya was attending her Chinese enrichment class so I popped into RamenPlay for a steaming hot bowl of ramen. I enjoyed the ramen so much I dragged Adrian and the kids there the following weekend.

RamenPlay is a collaboration between Singapore’s BreadTalk Group and Sanpou (an almost-50-year-old ramen establishment in Japan). There are quite a few branches in Singapore. On both occasions, I had the Toriniku Double Soup Ramen. While each component is not that best I’ve ever had in my life, they all come together very nicely. The pork cheek, for example, is simply melt-in-your-mouth tender and the soup is so full of flavour.

I’m pretty sick of the rainy weather but if it means it will make a hot bowl of ramen taste so much better, then bring it on!

enjoying her kid's meal

enjoying her kid’s meal

she didn't want the corn though

she didn’t want the corn though

Sanpou Ramen containing pork cheek, pork belly and cha shu

Sanpou Ramen containing pork cheek, pork belly and cha shu

Toroniku Double Soup Ramen

Toroniku Double Soup Ramen

Brown Rice Ice-Cream

Brown Rice Ice-Cream

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